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Home - it's always the people; never the place

It's been far too long since I've been here. To write. To share. To create. And, for you all to read one leaf off the tree (that is, my life) I've been growing. I guess I am not such a digital dweller. I'd rather be a nomad all my life. Thanks to my father's job, I've grown up shifting places, and changing schools.

Growing up, the concept of "home" never resonated with a particular place to me. Because fondness for a place I lived in changed every time I moved. I have never been very emotionally attached to any school that I have gone to. Because, every few years, the faces changed. And - hey, I am not to be blamed. As a growing kid, it is already difficult enough to adjust to the trauma of life, and you kind of wish to be pushed back into the comfort of your mother's womb.

As life happened, the resonance of home with people became strongly imprinted. More and more experiences carved in with time. Home became synonymous with family, and the closest set of friends.

So even when I shifted places, what always remained constant was my family. This is surely why I was able to survive so many (at the cost of sounding melodramatic - traumatic & dramatic changes, if I may say so) changes as a child.

And, this changed.. when I moved to Gurgaon as the "stupid" adult I wanted to be as a kid. Here I was.. in a new place, trying to figure out the rent, the taxes, what to eat for dinner, where to go, what to do, and a million other things.

Every time I go back to my family (i.e. home, I guess that you'd have figured by now), the comfort settles in. The feeling of being home feels like someone has put a warm blanket around your shoulders on a cold winter night. And you snuggle it closer to you. That's the kind of warmth you get when you are "home" with your people.

And, that is the reality of my life - "Home is never about the place; it is always about the people".

PS. Trust me, it has just been 2 days since I've come back to Gurgaon after being with family for 2 months. Planning to go back again already!

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1 Comment

Keshav Bidawatka
Keshav Bidawatka
Oct 06, 2022

Loved this to the core of my heart Simran✨

It's so calming reading you after a long time 🙌

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