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Right from the horse's mouth :D

Let me be honest here. This is my nth attempt to start a blog. But, that has not dimmed my excitement even by the smallest margin. I've always believed in getting up stronger, no matter how many times you fall. 

Anyways, skipping to my introduction. If I were to be asked about who I am, I can assure you that I would never ever answer that question with "Engineer". I feel an introduction should give justice to your existence as a human being; not go around talking about the profession (which is just a small part of your entire life). 

Who am I? I'm a dreamer who's sometimes scared; mostly of failing to expectations (not mine, but of my loved ones); but never afraid to go all out for someone she loves. I'm indecisive but strongly stubborn - for what I truly believe in. An introvert who can type her heart out, but ask her to speak - and you may end up thinking she has lost her voice! 

All you must know about me - I'm a human just like you, yet different from you. 

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