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The era of misinformation


In the last couple of years, there has been a visible shift in how easily accessible information and data has become to us as consumers. No matter which strata of the society you belong to. We have literally shifted from the era of lack of information to information in abundance and now, it is the era of misinformation.

And, in this era of misinformation, the correct information takes a back seat. The speed at which factually incorrect information travels is astonishingly fast. And, equally slower for the correct information that actually needs to be known amongst all.

Whether it is the callously shared WhatsApp forwards, forged pictures/videos, sponsored posts by the influencers or news articles that are written to spew hatred among communities, the fake information spreads faster than the forest fires! And, as we know, the impact is as catastrophic as a forest fire.

And, thus, it becomes even more important for every individual to ensure that the source is credible. One should not trust anything that's written on internet. It is quite easy to write gibberish in both the cases - one, when you're anonymous and two, when you've good amount of social media influence. It has become imperative to verify, and validate from other sources as well.

Trust, but Verify - the one lesson that I learnt from my father, which has not only helped me in my personal life, but all spheres of life.


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