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Silence your judgements

Everyone has untold stories of pain and sadness that make them love and live a little differently than you do. Stop judging, instead try to understand.”- Anonymous

"Oh, what kind of clothes is she wearing?", "He is a very arrogant guy", or "Their children did nothing in life" are a few of the plethora of examples about people judging everyone they see. It is quite easy - you see - to talk about people without knowing them. Unfortunately, it is one of the most mundane occurrences that happen on a day-to-day basis. Growing up and to date, I've observed this happening all around me. I'm very sure you must have observed this, and well, you may have been part of that crowd too.

Inherently, human beings react to everything good or bad they see around them. And, this is not necessarily harmful. But, when you start vocalizing your opinions, then it can potentially yield to affect others. This is only because we fail to acknowledge different perspectives. So many among us are victims of superiority complex which is why vocalizing the opinions usually turns out to be rather condescending.

Here are three things that can help you silence your judgement (for a long time!) -

1) Think before you speak (or in the peculiar case of social media, write).

As commonly as this might have been said, I can bet on the fact that no one rarely follows this. The moment one hears, sees or reads something - boom, their reaction comes without thinking. No one thinks about the consequences before saying anything. But, the effect is much bigger than you can think of. You heard/read/saw something? Take a moment, and then speak. Be thoughtful of the words you choose.

2) Does it make any difference to your life?

Some choose to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in a lavish way, while some would choose to not celebrate it at all. There are people who prefer comfortable clothing over shimmery clothes, while others have diverse choices. Their choices won't impact yours. Their opinions won't influence yours. So, why is there the dire need to talk about everything and anything? Live and let live - the best mantra one should follow in life.

3) You only know what you are shown.

There are hidden stories behind those beautiful smiles; or the arrogant faces. Always remember that you only know a facet of someone's life, and not their entire lives. What's visible to the naked eye is only what's being portrayed by the person. So, it is better to not judge anyone by what you can see, or observe. Mostly, the stories are engraved more deeply than you can even imagine.

Being a thoughtful person takes a little bit of strenuous efforts, but it is always worth it in the long run. Always give a moment to yourself before you jump into judging anyone, and their choices. It is easy to blame others; and as difficult to understand. I believe in striving to be a rather understanding person than someone who would question someone's being the way they are.

Learn, Relearn and Unlearn with me. :)

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1 Comment

Vaibhav Kathuria
Vaibhav Kathuria
Dec 13, 2021

You only know what you are shown... This is so true❤️. All our actions are the outcomes of perception and it just takes our belongingness to accept that it's okay to have different perspectives and respect each other's. A single note in music has a stand based on its perception. but when more notes are added based on their individual expression and perceptions, they exist and co-exist to make "harmony". The whole setup sounds more beautiful and at the same time, it is a multi-expression system.

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